In a world where no one is supposed to show their feelings, Tomek is a prison officer who teaches the inmates how to take care of homeless dogs. Rafał, a tough prisoner serving a long sentence, works with a dog called Odi. To communicate with the dog, he needs to learn the language of emotions. The course is over and what is left is the monotony of prison life. Can the unique encounter between a human and a dog wake up something in Rafał? Can animals breathe life into the numb souls of the men behind the bars? Can Tomek find the right method of rehabilitation and feel fulfilled as a prison officer?

director: Tadeusz Chudy
scenariusz: Bartosz Łuniewski
cinematography: Tadeusz Chudy
edit: Krzysztof Nowak, Tadeusz Chudy.
production: Rafał Sakowski