In his most recent project, Tadeusz Chudy returns to reflecting on corporeality, which he had already concentrated on in his previous works. He uses the physical properties of analogue photography: granularity, dirt, overexposure, and fingerprints or spots on negatives, to examine the diverse signs of human physicality and search for parallels between the photographic and somatic traces of existence.
According to Kant, art and metaphysics serve the same purpose –understanding the essence of being. For Tadeusz Chudy, photography is a kind of meditation, a way to meet the other Person. The artist turns towards the material dimension of existence – however, for him experiencing the body means experiencing the spirit.
The title “bardo” – in the tradition of Buddhist thought – is a term that denotes an intermediate state of existence, characterized by the detachment of one’s consciousness from the physical body.
The term is particularly popular when describing the moment of transition between death and rebirth.
So a return to traditional illustrating techniques is not only an aesthetic choice. It is rather a reflection on the physical dimension of the medium, which – up until recently – had been accompanied by the necessary material means of expression. Right now, thanks to the development of digital technologies, the ways in which images are recorded have been freed from their physical constraints, and the photographic image entered the era of new meanings and possibilities. Similarly, in the case of the body, the time of its functioning solely as a biological representation of consciousness seems to be slowly drawing to an end.

~ Daniel Filipek